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High Speed Blender

High Speed Blender

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 5 years for the motor and 2 years for the other parts

No concern as to the effect of high-speed mechanical blending on the nutrient value of fruits and vegetables.

At a low speed, without adding water your

fruit and vegetables will be grainy and will have the smoothness that you desire.

Patent Suspension Connection Structure

69dB Mute


30,000 rpm

1200W High-Power Motor

Long-lasting and stable operation,

Precise release of strong power

instantly breaks the cell wall of the food,

more delicately crushes food

natural nutrients.

Precise Thermostat Probe

Precise Temperature Control

The error range is 1.5 degrees Celsius, retaining

the nutrients. It doesn't ruin

the bottom.

8 Leaf 2mm Thick Knife

It e of imported Japanese steel

420 hardness, 2mm thick stainless steel.

After vacuum heat treatment, its harness reaches

42-45C(Rockwell hardness).

The hardness of ordinary stainless steel is only 25-30C.

Borosilicate Glass Container

The blender cup comprises 5 tempered layers of Borosilicate glass material

that will withstand any food temperature blended

without affecting the taste.

Its light, smooth surface prevents

dirt from sticking on it, making it easy to clean.